Pay Per Click Audits

Pay Per Click Audits

All Lazworld PPC audits by conducted by independent and certified Google & Microsoft auditors

Our audits are designed for those looking to assess the performance of their current account and campaigns. For those looking to improve results, visit the PPC Management section.

Advertisers using an agency, provider, or managing things in house can benefit from the information in our audits. If you want to learn about missed opportunities, wasted monies, and things impacting the performance of your account, our PPC audit can keep you informed. From account and campaign settings to CPC, CTR, and conversion rates our audits cover everything you need to know to improve ROI and get better results.

Learn how to improve Pay Per Click Results

PPC Audit Categories

  • Account Setting & Structure
  • Keywords, Negative Keywords, Keywords Match Types
  • Ad’s & Extensions
  • Campaign Settings & Structure
  • Targeting Overview
  • Intelligence & Automation
  • Results & Recommendations

After the audit we will send you a detailed PDF report with our findings. Our PPC audits contain the answers to unlock the potential of your pay per click accounts.


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